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PhD in New media & Development, Snr. Lecturer School of Communication


Dr. Leah Jerop Komen

PhD in New media & Development, Snr. Lecturer School of Communication

Daystar University





Name: Dr. Leah Jerop Komen
Mobile: +254 709 972 000
E-mail: lkomen@daystar.ac.ke
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Updated: 04 Mar, 2024
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I have been a teacher of Music and English at various international schools among them: Netherlands school, The Nairobi Japanese School and the Swedish school here in Kenya (2008-2010).  Later on Joined Daysar as an adjunct in 2008. I left for my Doctoral studies and later returned to teach at Daystar University where I have been to date.

I have skills in teaching for transformation and have a postgraduate Diploma in Education with an emphasize on the learner centered approach.

I have presented several academic papers that have led to collaboration in research with Colleagues in both Europe and US. My recent work is on the use of mobile telephony among rural women in Western Kenya that is in collaboration with a professor from Nanyang  Tech University in Singapore It is through such international settings that I was appointed  a member of the  International Communication Association (ICA)  as a membership &  Internationalization committee for  3 years ending 2020

I am also an appointed member of the international association of media, communication research (IAMCR) clearing house that is tasked with making public statements on behalf of the IAMCR. I have recently been appointed an   IAMCR Ambassador in charge of Africa.

As my contribution to the society I have written a book titled: The Delight of worship: Communicating through praise and worship found here:


I have also recorded 40 songs  in 4 albums: Bwana Anasema, Ameniweka Huru, Berurot and Thank you Holy spirit –available on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o262cNi3ytU&t=56s


Academic Qualification

PhD in New Media & Development 2014 University of East London (2011-2014)
MA Development Communication 2008 Daystar University 2006-2008)
BA Community Development(Integrated) 2006 Daystar University (2003-2006)
Diploma 2003 Daystar University (2001-2003)
Postgraduate certificate in higher education training 2017 Daystar
Recent Publications
  1. Theories of Development Communication
  2. Seminor in Development and  Health Campaigns
  3. Risk Communication 
  4. Programme Monitoring and Evaluation 
  5. Media and Christianity
Relevant Links
  • ResearchGate, Google scholar, Academia-edu , 
  • International communication association(ICA)
  • International association of media communication and research (IAMCR)
  • East Africa communication Association(EACA) Communication for Development (C4D) Network.


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(2014) The Delight of worship: Communicating through praise and worship found here: https://www.amazon.com/Delight-Worship- Communicating-Through-Praise/dp/1491888601



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Karaimu, P.K., Kimotho, S, and Komen, L.J (2016) Influence of Media Messages on Self-Efficacy Towarsd Cervical Cancer Screening among women aged 18-30 Years in Kiambu Institute of Technology. http://erepo.usiu.ac.ke/handle/11732/1/discover?query=KOMEN+&submit=Go


Komen, L. (2014). Mobile assemblages and Maendeleo in rural Kenya; A case of Marakwet (Unpublished PhD thesis). London, UK: University of East London. Available at: http://roar.uel.ac.uk/4182/



Panelist at the 73rd ICA Annual conference held at Toronto, Canada (2531st May, 2023): Digital Africa: Challenges and Opportunities panel. Chaired by Prof Paterson Chris, Leeds University, UK

Research Interests

My research interests include: the domestication of communication technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa and how human-technology and context interrelationships form part of social assemblages that intersect with development

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